A short sound re-design reel of 3 gorgeous looking games such as Planet of Lana, Animal Crossing New Horizons and 51 Club House Games, showcasing a comprehensive palette of both action, sound effects and various UI goodness with some subtle musical cues as well.

(Original Sound Re-Design)

AAa Sound design reel

A beefier AAA sound re-design film including a quartet of bombastic games such as Starfield, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Halo Infinite and Sniper Ghost Warrior 4, showcasing a higher-octane sound design and providing a more realistic and cinematic approach.

(Original Sound Re-Design)


Straight from the multi award winning game Mutazione, this short reel features the “handheld”, minimal and playful approach we took on sound design since music alone was a huge part of the game mechanics, taking a great deal of aural space with its OST being an insane 4,5+ hours long catalogue of both linear and procedural pieces.


This short film showcases a small portion of the vast instrument sound design you will find in the game’s procedural music gardens, providing a wide spectrum of different sonic identities. What you will hear are unedited audio captures from the audio engine.


A snappy reel featuring the adaptive menu music system of the multi award winning collection of local co-op games SportFriends, showcasing your “traditional” videogame music flavors living hand-in-hand with a real recording of a jazz trio and a loud and festive Brazilian ensemble.

MONSTER HUNTER 4 u (capcom)

Linear sound re-design of Capcom’s masterpiece Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate showcasing a modern take on both sound design and music, including a replica of the original voice over.

(Original Sound Re-Design)


Linear sound re-design of the immensely satisfying UI aural experience of 51 Clubhouse Games, featuring both SFXs and a classic Nintendo inspired OST.

(Original Sound Re-Design)


past works

A short selection of music from games I worked on, including a couple of music pieces I did for the narrative-driven game studio, We Are Muesli (IT).

videogame music sketchbook

A selection of videogame music sketches either coming from past works or simply inspired by some of the games I played and loved.

mutazione gardenS music

A music sample from each plant family. What you will hear is an unedited audio capture from the procedural algorithm.